The Jalori Pass, Himachal Pradesh

The Jalori Pass is an infamous pass in Himachal Pradesh, in north-west India, between the Beas and Sutlej river valleys. It seemed like a good idea to attempt it with my fully laden touring bike, Reggie, while I was cycling my circuitous route from Amritsar to Kathmandu. I set out from a lovely, little town... Continue Reading →

Mission Amritsar

I’m not sure which was the hardest bit initially – asking my boss for a six months holiday, deciding what to pack for a six months holiday involving cycling and trekking in temperatures from -11°C to 43°C, or the logistics of transporting all my gear from my flat in London to a hotel up a... Continue Reading →

Train to Delhi

I was in India and hadn’t yet been on a local train. India is famous for it’s railways; I couldn’t not take a train. The 800-kilometre journey from Varanasi to Delhi seemed like the place to start. The troubles started as soon as I tried to book a ticket. There’s a fairly elaborate procedure for... Continue Reading →

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