I’m Kate and I love adventures. I’m happy when I’m cycling around Asia and climbing small Himalayan peaks as well as when I’m pootling around the lanes of south-east England and walking to the local pub – that still counts as an adventure, right? I’m especially thrilled if there is a slice of Victoria sponge cake involved (sadly rather rare in Asia. Also pretty rare in the local pub).

I’m used to getting funny looks from people for having weird tan lines.

In 2016 I met Reggie and together we’ve shared a fair few escapades starting by cycling across northern India and Nepal from Amritsar in searing heat, to Darjeeling in mountain mists. We’ve endured sweltering humidity in Thailand to parching aridity in Ladakh, yet it’s always been worth it. Occasionally Reggie gets left behind when he is not up to the task in hand, but he has never complained.

This is me
And this is Reggie






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